Education Goes Global!

Ms Warne gave a lunchtime talk in the Careers room this week on the topic of going abroad to study for a degree. She spoke in particular about her recent visits to campuses in Vancover and Seattle which she praised for their excellent academic facilities. Ms Warne explained that the University courses are broader, in the first instance, than they are in the Uk resulting in the decision to specialise being postponed until the second or third year of  the course. There are significant differences in the funding of University life as a Uk loan is not possible but many colleges have their own bursary and scholarship schemes. Anyone interested in a North American experience should aim to attend the US College Day event which takes place in London at the beginning of September. There are sessions and seminars for parents as well as prospective students. It is run by the Fulbright Commision. Thank you Ms Warne for your valuable insights and campus maps!

University experiences in Europe are also increasingly popular options for UK students. Visit the Careers Department for more information.

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